Management through Professional Coaching (MPC™)

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The Management through Professional Coaching (MPC) methodology provides managers with tools designed to help them gain a global vision of their role, project, partners and customers. Similarly, it encourages them to take enough distance to develop and adapt their competencies to new challenges, share their vision with their team and motivate them.

The aim of the MPC approach is to complete projects in the most relevant and efficient way possible, while acknowledging the importance of well-being an element which itself depends on the ability to maintain a satisfying work-life balance. The MPC methodology aims to contribute to the successful management of organizational change, by allowing managers to act simultaneously as project leaders and coaches.


The full MPC methodology is also presented in the book "Management through Professional Coaching: Learning to Cope With Complexity in a Globalized Economy" which allows readers to set up their own development project thanks to self-coaching exercises.


Our online MPC self-coaching exercises (main menu) allow you to design a tailored professional project. They invite you to follow a well-defined process the aim of which is to allow for the structuring of your professional activity amidst a complex and changing economic and organizational environment.


The MPC Training Course (program) is aimed at achieving autonomy in the application of the method. Upon completion of the program, the participants will have learned to:

  1. Apply the MPC methodology to their professional activity
  2. Identify the human and material resources required for their projects
  3. Include their partners into the decision-making process at each stage
  4. Identify the needs of their team(s) in terms of competency development
  5. Identify the needs of their team(s) in terms of managerial support


MPC assessment tools (complete offer) have been designed to support the implementation of an MPC-based corporate management system. They are accessible online via a dedicated platform which offers a wide range of HR assessment products:

  1. MPC Testing: talent management
  2. MPC Survey: social audits
  3. MPC JobEval: pay policy

These diverse tools take into account the diverse demands that result from process- and customer-orientation, the management of projects and the internationalization of economic markets.



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