Swiss Labor Law and HR Management

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Labor law (or "employment law") refers to the entire set of legal rules which governs relations between an employer and an employee and which defines their respective rights and obligations. Spread out through several texts and in constant evolution, Swiss labor law has never been summarized in its entirety, as its range is so complex. The practice of Human Resources Management being intimately linked to the applicable labor law, the latter influences every step of the company’s employee life cycle management.

The terminology and translations used here have no legal validity, as English is not an official language in Switzerland. The following pages are for information purpose only.


I. The Sources of Swiss Labor Law

  1. The juridical sources of Swiss Labor Law
  2. The main worker protection laws

II. The Swiss Employment Contract

  1. Individual employment contracts
  2. Collective labor agreements (CLA)
  3. Standard employment contracts (SEC)

III. The Settlement of Labor Disputes in Switzerland

  1. Individual labor disputes resolution process
  2. Collective labor disputes resolution process
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