Social Media Recruiting

Social Media and Viral Marketing Strategies : When the Much Anticipated Party Turns Into a Fiasco

social networks marketing, virality and Internet recruitment, social media and human resources
When we look at the "social media meets HR" market, we find a lot of "miraculous", "ready-to-use" and "can't fail" solutions, strategies and tools. Yet, most of the time, their implementation turns into a nightmare and results are far from expectations...

Social Media Recruiting: a New Gold Rush?

social media recruiting strategy, online human resources viral marketing, organizational culture, hr management, competency assessment and development
Social networks are like enormous mountains where you must find rare gold veins : either you have the resources (human, financial and foremost cultural, more on this later) to search and exploit them, or you are in an domain that is naturally compatible with this tough environment (targeting youngsters for summer jobs, online marketing specialists...).
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