Job Analysis and Evaluation Process

How to Perform a Job Evaluation - Sample Pay Structure - Case Study

How to Develop a Pay Structure - Sample Job Evaluation Process - Case Study
The company’s pay structure should reflect the HR Department’s strategy, as it ought to incorporate the company’s mission, culture and business model. The "point method" job evaluation approach provides the framework for a quantification of each job’s relative importance for the company...

How to Develop a Coherent Pay Structure Amidst Changing Skills Requirements?

Évolution des profils de compétences et politique salariale: comment développer une stratégie RH cohérente?
Since the 1980s, structural changes in organizations that have moved from pyramidal organizational charts to workflow-oriented structures caused a reversal of priorities in terms of the respective importance of knowledge, know-how and personal skills (illustration).

How to Perform a Job Analysis - Sample Job Description Form

How to Perform a Job Analysis / Job Description Process - Sample Job Specifications
The conduct of a job description process within the company allows clarifying both the employer’s and employees’ expectations, by clearly stating the employee’s required skills, experience and responsibilities. It is generally based on a job analysis and allows for the introduction of a new compensation system. It thus implies the conduct of a strategic reflection in collaboration with the company’s Board.
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