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Fundamentals in organizational psychology
How to concretely approach human behavior in an organizational context.2 days
The conduct of an HR environmental analysisPrepare change by exploring legal, technological, social and economic trends in a well-structured way.1 day
The development of an HR Management strategyStarting from a feasibility study, learn how to build up a business unit in accordance with the company's organizational strategy and become a "business partner".2 days
The design of the company's HR business processesStarting from the company's list of HR-related activities, sort out the related business processes by outlining a coherent structure.2 days
The design of an employer branding strategyLearn the art of HR marketing which consists in sending a strong message while maintaining an attractive and coherent corporate identity.2 days
The design of a "Management Development" strategyThe battle horse of any HR development policy in an organizational context.1 day
The implementation of a "Management Development" strategyThe aim of this approach is to help develop the skills and mobility of managers.1 day
The design of a corporate training strategyLearn how to outline a corporate training strategy while taking the company's reality into account, so that it may have an impact at both individual and organizational level.2 days
The implementation of a corporate training strategyLearn how to structure the operational part of the global training process.1 day
The design of a coherent pay structureDiscover how you can conciliate financial balance, external competitiveness and internal coherence.2 days
The implementation of a new pay structurePlan and organize the implementation of the new pay structure by using your knowledge of the company.2 days
The conduct of a recruitment processGain a global vision of your organization's recruitment process and outline its main phases.3 days
The design of a social planBy respecting some basic human values and complying with work ethics, the top management may contribute to soothing the trauma caused by collective dismissals.2 days
Animation techniquesLearn how to use animation techniques for your diverse interventions and animations.2 days

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