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Adapting Corporate Management Practices to the African Cultural Framework

corporate management, communication and leadership in africa
In the age of globalization, the search for universal corporate management recipes may be regarded as a legitimate approach. But can we really expect a given set of management practices to fit into any professional environment – without ever taking local realities into account? Indeed, even the European and Anglo-Saxon models display significant differences, if only in terms of employee protection...

Achieving Economic Success Through Human Skills Development

Achieving Economic Success Through Human Skills Development (Le Temps)
Amidst the mass amount of negative global news that we receive every day, we learn that the French-speaking part of Switzerland is doing quite well in confronting the crisis...

We Need to Rehumanize Our Economy!

Liliane Held-Khawam: We Need to Rehumanize Our Economy (Le Temps)
Financial performance as the end goal of corporate life is a dogma that has been continually gaining ground in the past 20 years. It has taken a priority over everything that could form the basis and the framework of a society or a nation...

Switching Companies Does Not Always Pay Out for Executives

Switching Companies Does Not Always Pay Out for Executives
According to a study by Rouen Business School, a majority of French execs think that loyalty to the employer could endanger their career. However, it turns out that the most loyal employees are the ones who advance most in their careers on the longer run.

Women Hold the Majority of U.S. Privately Held Businesses

Women Entrepreneurs: Parity in Private Businesses - HR Management
In the U.S., women were the majority owners of 7.7 million privately held firms at the end of 2006, up 42% percent as compared to 10 years earlier, according to the Center for Women’s Business Research. Interestingly, they also tend to be less reluctant to work with their husbands.
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