Switching Companies Does Not Always Pay Out for Executives

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Switching Companies Does Not Always Pay Out for Executives

According to a study by Rouen Business School, the most loyal employees are the ones who advance most in their careers. So, it seems that loyalty actually does pay out, at least in the long run.

Here's a study that may reshuffle ideas that have been in the minds of employees for ages: in order to achieve steady progress in your career, you don't necessarily need to change employer on a regular basis. Contrary to stereotypes, external mobility does not pay out - at least on the longer run.


How did they come up with this conclusion? What they did was that they interviewed a thousand executives (of which 47% of them were women) about their career going through 11 distinctive criteria.

  • 61% of them thought that to achieve a progress in your career you need to often change your employer and switch jobs.
  • 68% of them thought that being loyal to your employer could endanger their career.


A measurement of 11 specific criteria on the same population however shows that "loyal" employees, who change positions and evolve within the same company, achieve higher career quality and better hierarchical progression. It may be true, however, that some "mercenary" executives may achieve better results on the short run. However, this approach may have a negative career impact on the longer run, especially after the age of 40. 


Jean Pralong, the author of this study concludes that the jobs market is quite heterogenous. While some companies seek to hire people who will display short term performance in a specific position, others are looking for executives who will commit to the company by building lasting relationships with their working environment. These are two very different segment of the same market - one should thus choose where to stand!  

Source: "Changer de boîte n'est pas toujours payant pour les cadres", Le Figaro, 27/05/2013.

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