Corporate Health Management

Here you may find an introduction to corporate health management, its basic concepts, tools and main organizational development axes.

Facing Organizational Instability and Its Impact on Managerial Health

Management and Health: Causes of Organizational Instability and Solutions
Although work medicine enjoys an undisputed place in the modern business world, addressing the key factors that impact the emotional health of managers still remains a taboo for many...

Corporate Health Management: Main Organizational Development Axes

The Main Approaches to Promoting Corporate Health for Managers and Employees
As we have seen, globalization, with all its consequences in terms of increased competition and acceleration of change represent a given with which we must learn to live...

Achieving Work-Life Balance: Supporting Managerial Health In Organizational Change

Management and Health: Promoting Employee Work-Life Balance in the Wake of Globalization and Organizational Change
Market pressures and accelerated change are two givens that we must learn to live and work with, while mitigating their negative effects on managers and their social environment...

Corporate Health Management: the Consequences of Excessive Stress at Work

Corporate Health Management: the Consequences of Excessive Stress at Work
Managers who are destabilized by the effects of globalization and technological innovation can react in different ways, both at professional and personal level. Although such reactions may differ from one person to the other, they are all the consequence of an excessive level of stress that leads to an inability to lead their team in a context of increased pressures.

Introduction to Corporate Health Management: Basic Concepts and Tools

Introduction to Health Management in an Organizational Context - Tools and Techniques
Health management is a central issue in corporate life, as the health of employees determines the health of the organization itself. Indeed, the quality of decision-making is strongly related to the health of the company's leadership, and this will influence the orientations and the quality of the organization's working environment.

Corporate Health Management: How to Promote Your People’s Work-Life Balance

Wie Unternehmen Work-Life Balance fördern können – nicht therapeutische Methoden
Managing and improving the management’s health is one of the cornerstones of corporate management. Indeed, the quality of the organization’s strategic vision is strongly related to the health of the decision-makers and has an impact on the work atmosphere of the whole company...
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