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Designing a Well-Targeted Team Building Process with HR Assessment Tools – Sample

Team Building and Competency Development Process – Sample – HR Tools
Although "team building sessions" tend to be limited to board games-like group animations, the evolution of HR tests and audits nowadays allows for the implementation of very well-targeted selection and skills development processes.

Assessing Employee Potential with Personality Tests and Assessment Centers

How to Evaluate Employee Potential with Skills Assessment Tests and Assessment Centers
Assessments of human potential and personality tests have been the subject of many articles - and will certainly inspire many more to come. The great shock occurred several years ago, when employers started requiring more than the usual basic information on the professional training and work experience of their candidates.

Identifying High Potential Employees with Soft Skills Assessment Tools

How to Achieve a Dynamic and Evolutive Selection of High Potentials - Requirements for a Successful Assessment of Behavioral Skills
The availability of employees who display the required knowledge, know-how and behavioral skills has become one of the company's keys to differentiation and success. This is not only true in relation to the company's competitors, but also in order to successfully cope with change in the industry, the technological evolution and future competition.

How to Design an Assessment Center - Sample Role Play / Exercises / Assessment Form

How to Design an Assessment Center - Sample Role Play / Exercises / Assessment Form
An Assessment Center is an HR management process that consists in assessing the skills of individuals by confronting them to simulations exercises or skills assessment tests.
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